“The Dream” – A Prologue to ITPG

Jun 21, 2018 | Sean Maguire

Young and Naive

I can remember it as if it was yesterday, the day that would change my life forever. We were visiting my uncle in San Francisco and had just arrived from a short four hour flight that seemed to take an eternity. My uncle, happy to have us visit for the Christmas Holiday, excitingly asked me if I wanted to a beer before we winded down and called it a night. As a naive 21 year old college student, I figured he would throw me a Budweiser, Coors Light or other such swill. But to my surprise he handed me a short and stubby ice cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I popped the cap and took a swig, as the sweet nectar hit my lips I knew my life had changed forever. It was if my world had just turned upside down, beer was no longer just beer but something that should be enjoyed and celebrated!

Change in Reality

Returning to school and reality, I could tell something was different. It was not my classes nor my friends or family… it was me. I left for that holiday break an average student, one who was perfectly content drinking the big box macro crap beer that has dominated Super Bowl commercials for years; but returned a new and different “man”, one who longed for something more. From that day forward I knew my life would not be the same. Wherever I went, whatever I was doing, I was searching… searching for something new something unique and something different.

Moment of Truth

As time went on and I got older, my love for craft beer continued to grow. Wherever I lived or traveled I sought out to explore my surroundings one beer at a time. It was during these adventures that I had “the dream”. You know the dream that they talk about in movies. The dream that makes you realize your skating through life incomplete and not living up to your full potential. It was at this moment that I knew it was time for something different. It was time to take control! Clearly such life changing moments do not come easily and certainly do not come overnight. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel but how to get there… I had no idea! With the help of some friends and what seemed to be hours and hours of the your typical bar time banter we came up with a sliver of an idea, one that has grown and developed to become the first phase in reaching our goal, the creation of Into the Pint Glass and our Pint Club Program.

Interested in hearing more about ITPG and our journey? Check back soon to learn more about our Pint Club Program in our upcoming blog release Phase One!

Photo curtsey of: Melissa Turtinen – https://bringmethenews.com/

Sean Maguire

Founder of Into the Pint Glass | Stout Drinker
Craft Beer Curator & Events Manager – Local Beer Patio & Kitchen Old Market

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