Annual Membership

$29.99 / year


Once a member you will have immediate access to download your membership card directly to your Apple or Google Wallet and begin using right away. Our Annual plan will be billed each year on the anniversary of your original signup and will continue until cancellation through our Membership Portal. Membership subscription is for access to digital membership card and Pint Club discounts only. Mobile phone is not included.


Pint Club Membership Benefits:

Pint Club Discount:
Our Pint Club Members are entitled to earn one stamp and a $1 discount on each full price beer purchased at a partnering location. If a location has a better offer (Hoppy Hour, Pint Night, etc) additional discount will not be eligible but stamps can still be earned.

Loyalty Reward:
Upon receiving 10 stamps our members will earn a one-time use reward for their loyalty to Nebraska craft beer. Reward value may very from location to location. Please see a list of offers here. Brewery/taproom purchase (beer, food, merchandise, etc) is required to redeem reward. One reward may be redeemed at each location in a 24 hour period.

Membership events, contests and giveaways!

Annual Membership Bonus:
As an Annual Membership holder you are able to start where you stopped off the month before by being able to carry over any unused Stamps or Loyalty Rewards from one month to the next.

As we feel the enjoyment of craft beer is best done with friends and in moderation, members can earn a maximum of 3 stamps
($3 discount) per location and 5 stamps ($5 discount) across all partnering locations in a 24 hour period.

Stamps and Loyalty Rewards earned hold no actual value and expire at the end of each calendar year.


By Purchasing and becoming a member you agree to abide by our terms and conditions which can be found here.