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Our daily lives are busy enough! Keeping up on the latest Nebraska craft beer news should not be!
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Holiday Craft Beer Gift Guide 2017

Well it is that time of the year again and Christmas is fast approaching. You have fought the Black Friday War of 2017 and and have come out a victorious, checking many boxes off of your “nice list”. But what did you get for your favorite suds loving beer lover in...

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Brewing Community – History

A Nebraskan Craft? I remember just turning 21 and being excited to try my first real beer. Unlike some of my friends I did not have much more than a sip of beer until that day. I also remember my disappointment and confusion when I had that first drink. I wasn’t able...

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Oktoberfest Meets NE Craft Beer

What's in the pint? The Oktoberfest style of beer largely refers to the crystal clear, now gold to amber Märzen style lagers that we’ve all come to love. Each year, I know that summer is entering its final phases when I taste the bready, crusty, nutty notes imparted...

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