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Jul 11, 2018 | Brett Jagels

Here Comes the Sun

I think everyone is with me when I say I’m always looking forward to summer. Who doesn’t enjoy a great Nebraska craft beer on the deck while the kids are playing in the yard; the grill running hot? It’s the most wonderful time of the year, sorry Christmas. If you want a truly amazing grilling season you must have some great BBQ recipes and great beer. We all love our BBQ ribs, chicken, or a juicy hamburger fresh off the grill; but the one thing that we sometimes overlook is pairing it with the perfect beverage. This post is here to help you take your summertime  beer and BBQ to the next level.


Lots of folks enjoy their citrus floral IPA’s during the summer months, but which foods pair well with them? The floral notes really do a great job complementing a grilled burger. With all the savory toppings available the burger is the most versatile grilling meat you can find, and the IPA pairs perfectly with it. Next time you are thinking burgers go out and pick up a 6 pack of Kross Strain Brewing’s Fairy Nectar IPA and you will never be disappointed! Imagine cooking up a big, juicy, corn-fed beef burger with a thick slab of maple bacon and cheddar cheese washed down with crisp, hoppy, and refreshing IPA… is there really anything more American?


If you a German style beer screams summer to you, you’d better start grilling up some pork. The sweet juiciness of the pork pairs great with one of Nebraska Brewing Company’s easy drinking EOS Hefeweizens. The fruity tones that you get on the backside of the Hefe will tantalize your taste buds with ribs, pulled pork, or even sausage. You can also give Kinkaider Dan the Wiser a try. Both beers will be an amazing addition to your pig on the grill.


When you are feeling a stout or porter, a sizzling steak better be on the menu. The dark roasty tones of the stout will pair perfectly with a grilled hunk of beef searing on your grill. I’d suggest going with a with a Brickway Coffee Vanilla Stout. This bad boy will give you a lot of flavor with a full coffee profile and hint of vanilla. This beer isn’t too sweet to match up with your porterhouse. Another beer I’d suggest going with is a Zipline Oatmeal Porter. It gives you bold, earthy tones set off by a hint of chocolate that will be enough of a contrast to keep your mouth watering all summer long.


If chicken is more of your specialty, I’d suggest going with a lighter beer that won’t overpower the chicken flavor. Chicken can be made all sorts of ways and you need a beer that is extremely versatile. Such a beer is White Elm’s LNK Common. This lager has a subtle flavor that won’t overpower your chicken. Looking for other options? Check out Prairie Pride’s Barn Burner Amber or 5168’s 88 Lager. These beers will never disappoints and are great grilling partners.

There are many other amazing Nebraska beers out there to pair with your grill this summer season, with fall just around the corner, get out grill and enjoy all the great Nebraska beers our state has to offer!

Brett Jagels

ITPG - Contributor

A Nebraska native who discovered craft beer while living in Austin Texas. Brett soon became a craft beer enthusiast and continued his passion after moving back to the Good Life. Brett has made it his mission to visit every craft brewery in Nebraska and try as many craft beers as he can.

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