Behind the Bar, a Beerfest Experience

Jun 5, 2018 | Brett Jagels

A Check Off the Bucket List!

This past weekend I got to do what has been on my bucket list for a few years now. I was able to pour craft beer at a beer festival. Every time I’ve gone to a beer tasting festival, I’ve always been jealous of the people on the other side of the table; people we trust telling us how the beer tastes. The festivals themselves are great because of the mix of people that come and the ability to try many different kinds of beer. They are the perfect place to hangout with friends and family.

Reeping the Benefits!

Pouring at the festival was everything I hoped it would be. I was excited to meet new people who share my passion for beer. I showed up an hour early to help set up the equipment. The brewery I was helping used kegs, so hooking up the lines and getting the CO2 pressure right took some time. Seeing how the hoses go through the cooler to keep the beer cold and how they can freeze up if you mix up the steps was interesting. Once we got the system pouring it was smooth sailing.

We still had about a half hour before people were allowed in. So we walked around and talked to other brewers and pourers who were there. It was awesome to get to talk to some of these people and learn what they were doing at their brewery. Another perk was they let us try their beer as well. Other brewers were very talkative and passionate about what they brought, so it was fun to discuss beer with them. They really went into detail on how their each beer was made.

What an Experience!

The people started to file into the festival and we were at our station ready to pour to the happy patrons. I loved seeing how excited everyone was to come up and see which beers we had and find out how they tasted. Just watching their reactions to the beers was entertaining; especially those trying a sour for the first time. It was great to talk to the people and get to learn their styles of beers and hear some suggestions. They would tell me about different beers they’ve had before that tasted similar or ones they thought were better. I was all ears trying to hear their suggestions and seeing which ones I’ve tried and which ones I needed to get next time I was at the store.

If you haven’t been to a beer festival it is a must do. If you want to pour at an event, most breweries accept volunteers to help at events. It is a great experience for any craft beer enthusiast.

Brett Jagels

ITPG - Contributor

A Nebraska native who discovered craft beer while living in Austin Texas. Brett soon became a craft beer enthusiast and continued his passion after moving back to the Good Life. Brett has made it his mission to visit every craft brewery in Nebraska and try as many craft beers as he can.

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